Rockne Joins The Team

In 1910, a student named Knute Rockne joined the Notre Dame football team as a fullback. As a freshman, the young man from Norway spent much of his time on the sidelines. Frustrated, he turned his attention to track and field, and succeeded as a pole vaulter. Later, Rockne returned to the football field, where he became an All-American and captain of the 1913 squad. After graduating in 1914, he remained at the university as a chemistry graduate assistant. He helped coach the football team, and in 1918, succeeded Jesse Harper as head coach. Rockne went on to win three national championships, cementing his place as one of the greatest coaches in football history.

Rockne leads team

Knute Rockne leads the Irish onto the field before a game in 1913.

1910 team photo

The 1910 Notre Dame football team (Rockne is in the second row, on the far left).

1910 action photo

Action photo from Notre Dame’s 1910 game versus Buchtel.

young Knute Rockne

Knute Rockne wearing a monogram letter sweater, circa 1912.

Rockne monogram letter

Monogram Club certificate awarded to Knute Rockne.

1910 Notre Dame offensive line

The 1913 Notre Dame offensive line (Rockne is far right).

1910 schedule

Results from the 1910 Notre Dame football season.