This Day In History: Filming Rudy (1992 vs. Boston College)

Though the movie Rudy was shot over the course of several weeks, it was during halftime of Notre Dame’s 1992 game against Boston College, that the famous final scene was filmed. After the Fighting Irish and Eagles went to their respective locker rooms, the movie’s film crew and actors emerged to re-create the 1975 game between Notre Dame and Georgia Tech, in which Rudy Ruettiger (‘76), a 5-foot-6 walk-on registered a sack in the final play of his college career. Starring actor Sean Astin, Rudy was the first movie to be shot on campus since Knute Rockne, All-American in 1940. Rudy premiered on Oct. 13, 1993, and is widely regarded as one of the best sports films ever made. In this ’Strong and True’ moment, look back on the movie’s filming in a collection of images from the University of Notre Dame Archives and Media Relations offices.

Rudy carried off the field

Sean Astin is carried off the field during the filming of Rudy.

Rudy Corby's scene

Filming of the movie Rudy at the local South Bend bar, Corby’s.

Rudy lunch

Rudy Ruettiger and Sean Astin enjoy lunch during a break from filming.

Rudy play

The famous play from Notre Dame’s 1975 game against Georgia Tech. In the final play of his senior season, Ruettiger (#45) sacked the opposing quarterback.

Rudy groundskeeper

Charles S. Dutton (Fortune) speaks with Sean Astin (Rudy) during one of the movie’s most famous scenes.

Rudy Grotto

Filming a scene at the Grotto.

Rudy practice

Actor Sean Astin with Rudy Ruettiger on a practice football field during filming.

Rudy Observer

Sean Astin takes a break from filming to check out the The Observer, Notre Dame’s student newspaper.

Rudy Basilica

Robert Prosky (Father Cavanaugh) and Sean Astin (Rudy) during filming at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Rudy film crew

Members of the Rudy film crew on Notre Dame’s campus.

Rudy Golden Dome

Sean Astin poses outside the Main Building.

Rudy Notre Dame Stadium

Sean Astin in Notre Dame Stadium.