The House That Rockne Built (1930 vs. Navy)

In the 1920’s, Notre Dame played its home games at Cartier Field. With the program’s national presence expanding, head coach Knute Rockne urged University President Rev. Charles Leo O’Donnell, C.S.C. to build a new football stadium. Though it took some convincing, in 1929, The Osborn Engineering Company of Cleveland broke ground on campus. On Oct. 4, 1930, The House That Rockne Built opened its doors, as the Fighting Irish hosted SMU in the first game of the season, and one week later, the new stadium was officially dedicated during Notre Dame’s 26-2 win over Navy. After more than 80 years, Notre Dame Stadium remains one of the most iconic venues in all of sports. In this ‘Strong and True’ moment, look back on the dedication game in a series of images from the University of Notre Dame Archives.


Ticket from the Notre Dame vs. Navy game on Oct. 11, 1930 at Notre Dame Stadium.


The program cover from the Notre Dame Stadium dedication game.


Navy kicks off at the beginning of the dedication game on Oct. 11, 1930 at Notre Dame Stadium.


Alumni President and former head football coach Frank Hering gives the dedication address.


An aerial view of Notre Dame Stadium during the dedication game.